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Dave Kindig Debuts Kevin Hart's Mighty 'Bane' at SEMA 2023: A 1000-Horsepower Dodge Challenger!

The SEMA Show, an annual automotive extravaganza, is where innovation, creativity, and craftsmanship collide. This year's event, SEMA Show 2023, kicked off with a bang, showcasing a plethora of remarkable builds from some of the world's most talented builders. Among the star-studded lineup of vehicles was Kevin Hart's latest masterpiece, "Bane," a 1970 Dodge Challenger brought to life by Dave Kindig of Kindig-it Design and the TV series "Bitchin' Rides" on MotorTrend. Kindig Garage is at the top of its game, and the Roadster Shop has made life easier for them by providing interior, paint, and bodywork, along with a potent crate motor.

Dave Kindig Debuts Kevin Hart's Mighty 'Bane' at SEMA

Dave Kindig Debuts Kevin Hart's Mighty 'Bane' at SEMA. Photo by 247 Car Show

Kevin Hart, the comedian and avid car enthusiast, has a passion for rare and remarkable automobiles. At SEMA Show 2023, he unveiled "Bane," a striking 1970 Dodge Challenger that's destined to be a legend. The man behind this automotive masterpiece is none other than Dave Kindig, renowned for his exceptional work at Kindig-it Design.

1970 Dodge Challenger

Photo by Motortrend

"Dave Kindig is a genius," said Hart, beaming with pride as he showcased his new ride. "He's taken the Challenger to a whole new level, and I can't wait to hit the road in 'Bane'."

Dave Kindig and his team at Kindig-it Design left no stone unturned in transforming the 1970 Dodge Challenger into a modern automotive work of art. From the sleek body lines to the luxurious interior, every detail reflects Kindig's passion for excellence. "Bane" is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into every build at Kindig-it Design.

Dave Kindig Debuts Kevin Hart's Mighty 'Bane' at SEMA

1970 Dodge Challenger. Photo by 247 Car Show

The success of "Bane" is a testament to Kindig-it Design's position as a leading custom car builder. The team's commitment to perfection, attention to detail, and innovative design approaches have placed them at the top of the industry. The recognition of Dave Kindig's talent and the appreciation from automotive enthusiasts worldwide are well-deserved.

A significant contributor to the success of "Bane" is the Roadster Shop, a company specializing in chassis and suspension components. Their expertise in creating high-quality parts and services has made life easier for custom car builders like Kindig-it Design. By providing essential elements like interior, paint, and bodywork, the Roadster Shop allows builders to focus on their unique design visions without compromising quality or performance.

 1970 Dodge Challenger

Photo by 247 Car Show

The Roadster Shop's collaboration with Kindig-it Design extends beyond cosmetics and into the heart of the car. They supplied "Bane" with a potent crate motor, ensuring that this masterpiece isn't just a looker but also a beast on the road. This partnership demonstrates the synergy between exceptional builders and companies that support their vision.

 1970 Dodge Challenger

Photo by 247 Car Show

SEMA Show 2023 has once again proven itself as the ultimate playground for automotive enthusiasts and builders from around the world. Kevin Hart's "Bane," a 1970 Dodge Challenger built by Dave Kindig of Kindig-it Design, exemplifies the level of excellence that can be achieved through passion and dedication. With the support of industry leaders like the Roadster Shop, the boundaries of automotive customization are continually pushed, and the results are nothing short of extraordinary. As the SEMA Show continues to unveil more innovative builds, we can only anticipate what the world of custom cars will bring in the future.

Video by 247 Car Show

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