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Meet Iron Resurrection Phil Cato's Wife!

Former Iron Resurrection team member, Phil Cato, specialized in customizations, particularly focusing on restoring and improving the upholstery of vehicles showcased on the Motor Trend show. Frequently, Cato and his team successfully sold these refurbished cars and motorcycles at notably higher prices. Despite enjoying a remarkable career in television, he eventually bid farewell to the entertainment industry and currently leads a quiet life with his family in Atlanta.

Phil Cato's Passion for Automobiles

Phil Cato's Passion for Automobiles

Growing up in a family passionate about cars, it's no wonder that Phil Cato found his calling in the automotive industry. His parents served as his inspiration, with his father being a skilled car builder, while his mother was a racing enthusiast who once piloted a '69 AMC AMX.

At the age of 14, Phil proudly became the second owner of a 1955 step-side big window truck, a vehicle he still owns today. He continued to drive this cherished truck from the time he obtained his driver's license until he reached the age of 21.

Phil Cato worked at Martins Bros Customs, the establishment featured on Velocity's Iron Resurrection and owned by Amanda and Joe Martin. His involvement in the custom car business at Martins Bros Customs eventually paved the way for his television career.

Phil Cato's journey with Iron Resurrection

Phil Cato's journey with Iron Resurrection

Phil Cato worked at Martins Bros Customs, the establishment featured on Velocity's Iron Resurrection and owned by Amanda and Joe Martin. His involvement in the custom car business at Martins Bros Customs eventually paved the way for his television career.

On April 13, 2016, Iron Resurrection made its debut with its inaugural episode titled 'Texas Two-Step,' marking the moment when Phil Cato became a part of the show's cast. During his time on the series, Cato was prominently featured renovating the interiors of classic automobiles. He and his fellow crew members also undertook the ambitious project of transforming a 1962 Chevy truck into a customized low-rider, effectively scraping it close to the ground.

His tenure on the show spanned three seasons, establishing him as one of the nation's most prominent Custom Upholstery Specialists. However, in 2020, he decided to bid farewell to 'Iron Resurrection' and did not join the crew for the show's fourth season.

Phil Cato and his wife's Service in the Military

Phil Cato and his wife's Service in the Military

During his younger years, Phil Cato dedicated six years of his life to serving the United States in the capacity of the United States Air Force. While in the service, he was involved in automobile maintenance.

Furthermore, he bravely served for two years in the Iraq war, demonstrating his commitment to the well-being of the people in that region. Upon returning home, he rekindled his passion for acquiring new automotive skills.

At the suggestion of his friend Mario, Phil enrolled at WyoTech, located in Laramie, Wyoming. It was there that he acquired expertise in upholstery, painting, and body hotrod fabrication.

Much like Phil Cato, his wife Shana Godfred-Cato also served in the US Army and even deployed to Iraq.

In celebration of their 15th anniversary in 2020, Cato shared a beautiful wedding photograph and expressed his gratitude to Shana for standing by his side through the various challenges life had thrown their way. He also reflected on how they managed their military careers while raising their four young children.

His post read, "From gaining custody of our children, who are now almost 18 and 21, to caring for our two younger ones, aged 3 and 7, in various locations across Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming, Iowa, Texas, and Georgia, navigating medical school and residency, enduring my military deployments to Iraq, your deployment to Iraq, and enjoying numerous family trips and vacations, I wouldn't change a thing!! Love you, Shana."

Phil Cato was marriage twice!

Phil Cato's wife

Before becoming a star on 'Iron Resurrection,' Phil Cato had been married once before. He is currently in a happy marriage with his second spouse, Shana Godfred-Cato.

Prior to his marriage to Shana, the automotive specialist was wed to the mother of his two children, whose identity remains undisclosed. In his initial marriage, Cato has two children, now aged 21 and 24. According to a Facebook post from 2020 by the TV star, it's evident that he has custody of his children. Phil has been married to Shana Godfred-Cato since 2005.

Phil and his beloved wife, Shana Godfred-Cato, exchanged their vows in a July 2005 ceremony. Recently, in 2023, the couple joyously commemorated their 18th wedding anniversary.

Within this wonderful union, Phil and Shana have been blessed with two children, with the eldest being 10 years old and their younger child having just turned 6. They also share parenting responsibilities for Phil's children from his previous marriage.

On May 14, 2023, Phil shared a heartwarming photo of himself and his wife on Facebook, showering Shana with praise for being an exceptional wife and an incredible mother to their children. His message read, "Grateful for this remarkable lady!!! She's an outstanding mother and an exceptional wife!! Happy Mother's Day to you!!! And happy Mother's Day to all of you as well."

Shana Godfred-Cato is now a Doctor

Phil Cato's wife Shana Godfred Cato

Shana Godfred, a woman of many talents, has embarked on a career in the medical field. Following her husband's graduation, she made the decision to pursue her doctoral degree. Consequently, the couple relocated to Des Moines, Iowa, where Shana enrolled in medical school.

In 2012, Phil Cato shared the joyous announcement of his wife's successful graduation from medical school. He took to social media to post a picture from Shana's graduation ceremony and captioned it with pride, saying, "I'm proud of you, Dr. Shana Godfred-Cato."

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