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Uncovering the Delay Behind Iron Resurrection Season 7: What's the Story?

Since its debut on the Velocity channel in 2016, "Iron Resurrection" has garnered a substantial following among automotive enthusiasts and reality TV aficionados alike. The show's distinctive blend of automotive restoration and captivating storytelling revolves around Joe Martin, his wife Amanda, and their dedicated team at Martin Brothers Customs. Together, they embark on a transformative journey, turning weathered, rusted vehicles into stunning high-performance machines.

Iron Resurrection

Over the years, the show has cultivated a devoted fan base eagerly awaiting news of each new season. However, after a successful sixth season that aired in September 2022, fans found themselves wondering if a seventh season was on the horizon. So, what precisely has transpired?

Iron Resurrection season 6

In each episode of "Iron Resurrection," viewers accompany the team as they tackle a fresh project, spanning a wide spectrum from vintage Hot Rods to classic muscle cars. What sets the show apart is its focus on the intricate and creative process of car restoration, rather than merely showcasing the finished product. It delves behind the scenes, revealing the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each build, from custom paintwork to handcrafted upholstery.

Moreover, the series humanizes the experience by featuring the team's interactions with clients and sharing the captivating stories behind each vehicle. These personal narratives infuse depth and emotional resonance into the show, transforming it into more than just a conventional car restoration program.

Iron Resurrection

Now, let's take a closer look at some key members of the "Iron Resurrection" cast:

1. Joe Martin - The founder of Martin Brothers Customs, Joe is the heart and soul of "Iron Resurrection." With over 25 years of automotive expertise, he's a master fabricator and painter, capable of turning even the most neglected vehicles into works of art. His unwavering passion for cars and dedication to quality workmanship have made him a fan favorite on the show.

Joe Martin

2. Amanda Martin - An artist and designer, Amanda brings a creative touch to the restoration process. She oversees the upholstery and interior redesign of each vehicle, ensuring every detail is immaculate. Amanda also interacts with clients, adding a personal dimension to each build.

Amanda Martin

3. Jason "Shag" Arrington - As the lead mechanic and a skilled engineer, Shag's extensive mechanical knowledge and meticulous attention to detail make him an indispensable member of the team. His sense of humor and infectious personality endear him to both fellow cast members and fans.

Jason "Shag" Arrington

4. Jason Martin - Joe's brother, Jason, is a master metal fabricator and painter with years of experience in the automotive industry. He plays a pivotal role in bringing some of the most complex builds to life.

Jason Martin

However, the show saw some unexpected changes when Season Four premiered in 2019. Several cast members, including Pompa, Shorty, Manny, and Cato, mysteriously departed from the show without an official explanation from the producers. These departures, attributed mainly to personal reasons such as family-related issues, raised questions about the show's dynamics and possibly contributed to a subsequent decline in ratings. Nevertheless, "Iron Resurrection" continues to maintain a loyal fan base and receives acclaim for its unique approach to automotive restoration.

iron resurrection

Season Six, though delayed, received great reviews from fans and critics alike, with the audience praising the team's impressive restorations and exhilarating challenges. The show's IMDb rating rose to an impressive 7.8 stars, a testament to the dedication of "Iron Resurrection" fans.

While it's highly likely that the show will return for a seventh season before the end of 2023, there is no official announcement from Velocity or the "Iron Resurrection" production team at this time. The intricate and labor-intensive nature of automotive restoration, coupled with the team's commitment to excellence, often leads to extended gaps between seasons. Fans can rest assured that the team is diligently working to meet and exceed their expectations in the eagerly anticipated seventh season.

iron resurrection

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